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The ROYAL is a theatre founded in 1929. Today it is an exclusive club, theatre, cinema and bar hosting premieres, parties, private events and show cases.
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Royal is a multipurpose cultural venue located in the centre of Prague showing theatre plays, movies, concerts, art exhibitions etc.
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Prague Burlesque Royal
Dames Of Porcelain

Here comes the third season of famous Prague Burlesque Show held in the beautiful Royal Music Hall. In a short period of time, this wild group of artists have managed to turn Prague into a burlesque capital. Paris has its Crazy Horse or Lido, as well as London, Berlin or New York. However, for a long time Prague lacked a good scene (except the National of course), which would attract a worldwide audience. Prague Burlesque has been successful already for two years. A new program called Dames Of Porcelain refers to a well-known film by director Juraj Herz. In collaboration with leading Czech designers, this show becomes a perfection composed of the most fragile components. Don't be an elephant in a china shop, come and sit back, release your senses and go on a wild ride with no restrictions. But be careful! Ladies are (not) made of porcelain!

The main stars of the evening will be again: Lady Mousellyca, Angelina Angelic, Miss Cool Cat and Sonny Vargas. Along with these great Ritzy Dancers and a deranged footman.

Don't miss the exquisite Prague Burlesque Show! Every Friday Night.
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Love Hotel Revue

On July 2nd Le Royal introduced a brand new show, created by the producer and director of the famous Prague Burlesque Show - David N. Jahn aka Sonny Vargas. The LOVE HOTEL REVUE will combine artistic circus numbers, together with burlesque, magic and side-show acts. Wild tales, romance and love, will make it an unforgettable night. An extraordinary spectacle – Every Saturday Night! Welcome to the CITY CIRCUS.
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Sergei Polunin is a breathtaking ballet talent who questions his existence and his commitment to dance just as he is about to become a legend.

Director: Steven Cantor
Producer: Gabrielle Tana
Music by: Ilan Eshkeri
Prague premiere produced by: Milosh Harajda
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