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The ROYAL is a theatre founded in 1929. Today it is an exclusive club, theatre, cinema and bar hosting premieres, parties, private events and show cases.
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Royal is a multipurpose cultural venue located in the centre of Prague showing theatre plays, movies, concerts, art exhibitions etc.
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How to become Czech in one hour

Keen to learn something about the Czechs…but too afraid to ask?

The ROYAL Theatre presents an original ONE MAN SHOW starring Tomáš Vaňek.

What’s ‘řízek’, how and why do people drink beer, what’s going on with that sandal and sock combo and who exactly is Karel Gott? French native Jean Christophe Gramont, the man behind in the play, didn’t know either when he first arrived here 14 years ago. Now he’s decided to write a play about his journey towards becoming a Czech. Guiding you through this one-man show is the outstanding musical actor Tomáš Vaněk.
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Prague Burlesque Royal

Here comes the fourth season of famous Prague Burlesque Show held in the beautiful Royal Music Hall. In a short period of time, this wild group of artists have managed to turn Prague into a burlesque capital. Paris has its Crazy Horse or Lido, as well as London, Berlin or New York. However, for a long time Prague lacked a good scene (except the National of course), which would attract a worldwide audience. Prague Burlesque has been successful already for two years. A new program called Dames Of Porcelain refers to a well-known film by director Juraj Herz. In collaboration with leading Czech designers, this show becomes a perfection composed of the most fragile components. Don't be an elephant in a china shop, come and sit back, release your senses and go on a wild ride with no restrictions. But be careful! Ladies are (not) made of porcelain!

Don't miss the exquisite Prague Burlesque Show! Every Friday Night.
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Culinary art and science: solids and liquids

Workshop: Basic principles of molecular gastronomy

Molecular Gastronomy is a scientific discipline dedicated to studying the mechanisms behind the preparation and consumption of food. It became mostly popular in the late 1990s when some chefs started to explore new possibilities in the kitchen by jointly using new ingredients (mainly hydrocolloids from food industry), new techniques and tools (cryocooking, sous-vide cooking, siphon,…) and the results of scientific research (as a basis for inspiration), hence creating a new culinary trend called "molecular cooking", who in turn also inspired "molecular mixology" as a new way to prepare and serve cocktails. During these workshops, the basic principles of molecular gastronomy/cooking/mixology will be exposed to show how science can help better understand culinary phenomena and ultimately influence artistic practices.
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Stu Larsen

These days, Stu Larsen lives out of a suitcase. You might find the nomadic musician somewhere between his native Australia, Spain or Japan, before he picks up and sets off for the next destination. In support of his 2014 debut album Vagabond, Larsen brought his music to the masses with a spate global tours which gained him international recognition. Along the way Larsen began collating ideas for his 2017 follow up album Resolute, due for release July 21st. The album then came together in various locations around the globe, from a cottage in Scotland, an apartment in Spain, and an old army bunker back in Australia. Larsen shares an important message in Resolute. "I hope everyone can…" he leaves off. "Too often, we just switch off and don’t think enough. Hopefully, these songs can spark something positive in listeners. Live simply. Don’t worry about the excesses. I hope everyone can come together around this music."
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