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The ROYAL is a theatre founded in 1929. Today it is an exclusive club, theatre, cinema and bar hosting premieres, parties, private events and show cases.
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Royal is a multipurpose cultural venue located in the centre of ÿagᇐӴ showing theatre plays, movies, concerts, art exhibitions etc.
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The Prague Burlesque Show

People are still living in a primitive state of neurotic irresponsibility. But healing is near. The brand-new show of Prague Burlesque will speed up time for you. Supersonic Women will combat the skies to break the barrier of sound. Sonny Vargas and his aviatrixes are addicted to competition and speed. There’s no other weekly event in Prague, where decadence meets glamour - you’ll experience an explosion of erotica! Dive into an exotic world of showgirls, crooners and variety! A Duel in the sky!

Prague Burlesque royalty, Sonny Vargas, the essence of a man, will kill you softly with his songs. Incomparable talents: Miss Cool Cat, Lady Mousellyca, Coca Valente and Hayley The Strange will all perform like missiles and together with the Ritzy Dancers, they’ll blow up the stage like a nuclear bomb. Lover boys, lover girls - let’s have the best time of our lives!
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How to become Czech in 60 minutes

One nation, 60 minutes and four views of how to become Czech.

The ROYAL Theater presents an original show that won’t let you breathe for a moment!

Two Czechs, one Irish guy and an Armenian will teach you how to become a perfect Czech in 60 minutes.
Don’t believe it’s possible? Come along and rise up to the challenge!

The show is in simple English, you will discover 3 excellent stand up comedians + 1 comedian/singer. 2 of them are regular hosts of the Comedy Club TV show on Prima Comedy Central. But get this, it’s not just a show. At the ROYAL Theater you will experience the Czech Republic with all your senses! Come earlier or stay after the show and enjoy a Czech Beer, eat some traditional chlebíčky and enjoy a delicious Slivovice.

And before the performance, do not forget to look at our original pop up exhibition "Czech Gems: the most mythical objects of Czech republic" prepared for you by Jan Václav Maroušek.
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“Oldies, but goldies”

For more than 10 Years, Prague Burlesque has been innovating vaudeville acts and creating short stories, which evolved from life itself. Sonny Vargas’ equipage will be brought to you in a limited number of shows at the Royal Club Chic & Theatre, which has been part of this path for six seasons now. Dive into the past and enjoy the charismatic performances of Miss Cool Cat, Lady Mousellyca and others.
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Czech Cabaret Show

A spectacular cabaret show, the largest in its range in the Czech Republic.

Czech Cabaret Show is a spectacular art show featuring the world’s most famous musical and cabaret numbers in a unconventional style. For the first time in the Czech Republic, all theatrical forms that will be inspired by film processing and based on the traditions of classical circus will be interconnected. Paris has its Moulin Rouge, America Cirque du Soleil and Prague will have the Czech Cabaret Show at the Royal Theater.

The unique show will introduce you to the top Czech musical and dance scene, along with the best acrobats and performers from all over the Czech Republic and abroad.
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New Year’s Eve at the Royal has become legendary over the past few years. There’s no other event in Prague, where decadence meets glamour, where your wishes and expectations from the previous year finally become reality. Dive into an exotic world of showgirls, crooners and variety! Ladies and gentlemen rise your glass and make a toast to an unforgettable night!

Prague Burlesque royalty, Sonny Vargas, together with supersonic women: Miss Cool Cat, Lady Mousellyca and Hayley The Strange, will speed up time for you – Supersonic! Special guest, the missile from Switzerland, Koko La Douce, will heat up the stage, while the Ritzy Dancers will blow up like a nuclear bomb. Let’s make 2020 the best time of our life!
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The 4th Annual International

The 4th Annual International Prague Burlesque Festival, held March 6th + 7th 2019 at The Royal Theatre, will be a contribution to variety, circus and burlesque! Prague inviting the “crème de la crème” of entertainment arts and creating a space of free speech, sexual liberation and respect to gender equality. Lick it up!
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