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The ROYAL is a theatre founded in 1929. Today it is an exclusive club, theatre, cinema and bar hosting premieres, parties, private events and show cases.
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Royal is a multipurpose cultural venue located in the centre of ÿagᇐӴ showing theatre plays, movies, concerts, art exhibitions etc.
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The Prague Burlesque Show

Hollywood Babylon is linked to Kenneth Anger, an experimental film maker from the 60’s and 70’s. Prague Burlesque’s new show is named after his eponymous books, where he reveals the dark side behind the glamorous world of Motion Pictures. Sex, drugs and murder were often the key ingredients, which almost brought this industry to a fall in the 1930’s. Monstrous actors and actresses, producers and their parties, overshadowed the idyllic and innocent pictures from the silver screen. Every man and woman is a star!

The Prague Burlesque Show continually keeps pushing the boundaries of show-business and story telling in the Czech Republic. Producer and tit singer, Sonny Vargas brought together a team of enthusiasts, prepared to sweat blood over the stage of the Royal theatre. Burlesque celebrity Miss Cool Cat, introducing her new acts, where she reaches the summits of her physical powers. With the Aqua Tease, she also pays tribute to one of American Burlesque’s great achievements – the water tank, which will be recreated from original plans from the golden era.

Vampirical Lady Mousellyca will seek darker corners of her soul with her Succubus incarnation. Enigmatique danceur Yazz being chased by a big hairy admirer, will use all her sensual artifice to get out of his reach. Amazing voice with attitude, Coca Valente, violently teaches love behaviour. And lastly the amazing Ritzy Dancers, under the patient choreography of talented Billy Rayner, who will also add directorial aid the show. High-priest Hyrcanus will lead the ship, under mystical circumstances, out of decline. Hollywood Babylon – a new dawn of burlesque?
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