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Galakoncert: Twins

Koupit lístky
Musical show of world evergreens performed by Twins for the first time in the first republican club Royal. The concert will feature hits from the 1950s to the present day such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Adele, Oasis... However, the sister duo's original pop music inspired by the hits of modern music will be no exception. There is a dress code for the event for the audience as well, and that is Black Tie Creative.

Behind the Twins project are twins Simona and Denisa Alex Katzer, professional musicians who have been active on the Czech and international scene for over 12 years. During that time, the sisters have worked as vocalists with such big names as Mandrage and Tata Bojs, and they themselves have created their own pop project 20 Minutes, with which they have supported Ben Cristova, Emma Smetana and Lake Malawi. They founded Twins in 2018 to help modernize the wedding scene in the Czech Republic and have performed over 100 weddings in the past five years, including for actor Jakub Štáfek, football player Patrik Schick, and Hollywood actor David Lim.

Dress code: Black Tie Creative.
You can pay by credit card at our bar.
Galakoncert: Twins
Tuesday 29/11, 19:30

Více informací +420 608 279 164