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Men 4 Queen

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The Men 4 Queen show, is a full-length show by a men's dance troupe where the audience will experience an evening of passion, dancing and a treat for the female eye. This experience is a 90-minute performance that will leave audiences in awe. Acrobatics, excitement, dance, passion and pleasure is in other words Delight Tour 2022.

The Men 4 Queen troupe consists of 7 members - Roberto, Luigi, Johnny, Chris, Kewin, Bali and Sanchez as emcee. The audience is treated to a show packed with thrilling effects, dance acrobatics and ticklish moves that will leave you breathless.

You can pay by credit card at our bar.

GOLD TICKET - great seating and view in row 1 or 2, table service for drinks - CZK 1299
SILVER TICKET - includes premium seating, service, show - CZK 899
BRONZE TICKET - great view and bar - CZK 599
Men 4 Queen
Saturday 15/04, 20:30
Men 4 Queen
Saturday 29/04, 20:30
Men 4 Queen
Saturday 13/05, 20:30
Men 4 Queen
Saturday 27/05, 20:30
Men 4 Queen
Saturday 10/06, 20:30
Men 4 Queen
Saturday 24/06, 20:30

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Great seating and view in row 1 or 2, table service for drinks.
CZK 1299,-

Includes premium seating, service, show.
CZK 899,-

Great view and bar.
CZK 599,-

Useful informations:

It's recommended to arrive to the theater no later than 20:00.
The show starts at 20:30.
Bar opens at 19:00.
The bar is open all evening. After the show, the afterparty bar continues.
The show as such is not age-restricted, but due to the consumption of alcohol throughout the evening, the presence of children is not suitable.